M3 Lite saving with dead battery

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    Yes, I realize I'm behind the times but I have a M3 Lite slot 2; I like to be able to play GBA games as well.

    I'm using an M3 Lite and I believe the battery is dead. I have the autosave function turned on and everytime I reboot, it says it's backing up but as soon as I start the game, it says the save was corrupt and deletes it. That is the battery, correct?

    I don't really want to have to change the battery due to the soddering.

    So is there a solution? The ultimate goal is to get saved games to immediately save onto the SD card. I've tried the following and I think it works but I'm not entirely confident. Turn off the autosave, play the game and save as normal (or with quick save in GBA games), do a software reset, go to the game menu, hit select and backup the save file. Not turning off the DS thus doesn't have to rely on the M3's battery to back stuff up, right? Am I safe doing it this way or am I missing something here?
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    Well you can hex edit (on the computer) a gba save to see if it actually wrote anything. If not then yes you got a dead battery, time to replace the battery or get a replacement.

    Since you do not want to solder a new battery, time for you to buy something else.

    How do you plan to save your game to file if there is no battery and GBA doesn't use soft-resets for getting back into the flashcart menu.