1. dead2self

    OP dead2self Newbie

    Sep 6, 2006
    United States
    What I have:
    Polar White DS Lite
    M3 MiniSD Adapter
    Passcard 3 (now flashme v7)
    Sandisk 2GB MiniSD

    Lastnight I downloaded the latest M3 update (v28) and updated my firmware, everything worked fine. I played a GBA game, rebooted and it just stuck at a black screen. So I backed up my minisd card and formatted it to fat, loaded the update, and updated it again. It worked, again, until I played a gba game. So I went to update it again, only this time it wont.

    I loaded the update on the minisd card, I booted up with shift depressed, went into GBA mode. Black Screen. I am at a complete loss, any help would GREATLY be appreciated.
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