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Sep 14, 2009
Hi, I have an ancient M3 DS Simply. I am not sure if it is a 'fake'/clone, or an original. But I remember it did used to work fine with firmware by visiting www.m3adapter.com as suggested on the cart itself.

Sadly, the website is shut now. I need to find the most up to date, compatible firmware (and ideally kernel + cheat files database) for my card.

I tried Wood R4 v1.62 using a 16GB Lexar 'High Speed' Micro SD HC (Class 10) Card, by copying all relevant files.
I formatted my Micro SD card using the Windows Formatter, setting it up for 32K with FAT32. As it is over 4GB, I know I cannot use FAT 16. I read somewhere that my card needs to be 2GB or less and only FAT16 -- but I can almost swear I used to work with larger than 2GB cards previously with this M3 DS Simply flashcart.

However, the DS Lite (USG-001) does not recognize the card at all. My card's sticker looks like this:


Can anyone help me find a verified firmware that will work on my card. I am only interested in running this on a DS Lite -- not a DSi, or a 3DS.

I am also happy to contemplate an 'old'/outdated M3 Simply firmware, if nothing else will work. I tried, but I haven't found these either.

Any help will be so welcome!

Edit: I went ahead and tried with a non SD HC Micro SD Card: A SanDisk Mobile Ultra 2GB (unspecified Class). I tried formatting it to FAT16 using SD Card Formatter, but it is still not working / not getting recognized. I also tried FAT32 with the same 2GB card, so this is not (solely) an SD HC issue. I will try next with original M3 Simply firmware -- if I can find it and report back.

Edit 2: I can confirm I have found a solution. Turns out using the latest R4 Firmware (Wood R4 v1.62) was the real stumbling block. Using instead Wood R4 v1.16 (found here - filename: 22634-Wood R4 v1.16.7z) and the 2GB card formatted to FAT32 the DS booted fine. I will now keep testing other later updates, to check which update broke compatibility. I will also test the other card (SD HC) and report back for others who may find this useful.
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