LoZ:SS - Nothing Else Worked.....This Did

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    Whats up guys? Ok, So I noticed that a ton of people have been having issues getting SS to launch (me included), Well this worked for me, so I am going to post it to see if it can help out anyone else.

    First off my Wii is a newer model that WILL NOT read burned DVD's.
    It is a 4.3u Console, that I used Letter Bomb to hack.

    In order to launch this game I had to use "usb-loader-gx-v2.2_r1120" (not the Channel version, I have to access it via the Homebrew Channel).
    (You can grab that launcher from here -- http://filetrip.net/...-2-2-r1120.html )

    First let me explain how I got the game onto my USB Flash Drive (an 8gig drive -- ISO file is NOT scrubbed, so it is 4.37gb and is still in the ISO format).

    I personally used WiiBackupManager to format the USB Drive to wbfs with a physical sector size of 215 discs.

    Once my drive was formated I then added the SS.iso file into the system and then clicked transfer (to "Drive 1" in my case).

    The transfer took about 50min give or take. While this is being transfered I took the time to load the USB Loader GX onto my Micro SD.
    Now onto actually loading the game:​

    Now that you have your game on your WBFS formated USB Drive, it is time to open your Homebrew Channel and launch your USB Loader GX.....ok so here is where this might get a little tricky for some....

    Step One - Once USB Loader GX opens, You should see "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" listed in the games list. Click on the name of said game.

    Step Two - You should now see a disc in the middle of the screen and under that a "Settings" button and a "Back" button. Click on Settings.

    Step Three - You should now be at a list of settings. Click on "Game Load" (The top option in said settings list)

    Step Four - Scroll down until you see the "Alternate DOL" option. By default it will be set to "default". Change this until it reads as "Load from SD/USB"

    Step Five - now click on "Select DOL offset", and you should be present with a list of alternative dol files (in my case only one, and it is the one you want to select). It is called "offset 974 player.dol" select this as your alternative dol file.

    Step Six - If you have the PAL rip of the game, set your video to display in NTSC (like with any other game)

    Step Seven - Now SAVE your changes, and launch the game.

    Now if done correctly, you will boot into the Motion+ Video. Watch the video (yeah, it sucks....but it is only 3 minutes long).

    Step Eight - Assuming all went well, go back into the USB Loader

    Step Nine - Click on "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" again then go into the "Settings" menu once again.

    Step Ten - This time set the "Alternate DOL" option to "Off"

    Step Eleven - Now turn on the "Block IOS Reload"

    Step Twelve - Now once again SAVE your changes.

    This is all there was to it for me. After Step Twelve I was able to boot the game like any other game I have played and it loaded just fine. Once again though, Keep in mind I do have the PAL rip of the game, so I can not say if this will work the same on the NTSC version, though I see no reason why it should not.
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    Nice effort, but this isn't going to help I'm afraid. This says nothing about the correct cIOS's and stuff...
    This won't work for everyone. And 50 minutes to tranfer a game ???
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    From what i have seen half the people had a problem with the WM+, and then this should work for most people:

    The problem with the black screens which the other half has, that's a real problem and it's not touched by your guide. Or did you encounter a black screen freeze somehwere and your guide fixes it?

    I don't want to attack you, it's nice when people want to help others. But your thread explains how to fix some issue, without explaining the issue itself.
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    What mine would do is, when I would go to load the ISO (no matter what iso loader I used) it would go to the black screen and the Wii would restart itself.

    Sorry, thought I had put that in their...been a hectic day, my bad.
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    I just joined to mention that this method worked for me, in the vWii on the Wii U. Fantastic, thank you so much!
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    Not a solution at all.
    reason you could not play the game previous is that youHAVE TO WATCH A MOTION+ video at least ONCE on you system.
    I have had absolutley NO problem with this game and load it like any other game.
    No idea were this rumor comes from.

    This is NOT a problem game, know your facts, watch a Motion + viseo at least once on your system.