Lost on Decrypt, inject, encrypt process

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by slimpyman, Mar 4, 2017.

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    So as title states, i think i understand the steps needed for said process. Im trying to inject a snes rom into a snes folder i downloaded (is that a wud- the thing with title.tik, title.cert etc)

    So pretty much i understand the process i believe but i dont know how to accomplish it. I thought finding a "loadiine" ready folder with what i was looking for would make the process easier, but im further lost. This loadiine folder as i understand is decrypted. When i used this njus packer, and pointed it to that loadiine folder with the "game" i wanted, it spit out another folder which i threw on my sd card, and tried using wup installer.

    error i got is, not a game, game update, dlc, demo or version title.

    So on some sites i SEE CRAZY amounts of loadiine format stuff, and not so much usb ready content.

    i ask, how do i inject a rom into a file. and pack it ready for the wupinstaller.

    i get lost further even trying to understand how i can change something to display "game2" in the wiiu home screen, and how it will show apicture from the title screen for "game2", when original title is "game1"

    essentially i would want to learn how to make a proper file for zelda parallel worlds virtual console, using the original LttP title folder thing i got from wiiU_usb_helper. picture, and all. and not have to worry about it installing over the original installed LttP on my wiiU.

    I see stuff for making loadiine, but i want to make usb (wud) compatible files.
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