Looking for reviewers to help out with my blog.

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MY DS/Wii review blog.
Its near christmas, I don't have as much time and I'm bored anyway...
I was thinking... I should make a team

Others who can write reviews for me...
You would get:
Recognition as your own user...
15-80 Hits on the blog per day, enough for your post to make an impression
Plus... wait... I think thats it.

All I ask in return is 1 sample review to see that its up to standard and your guarentee you will write 1 review every week or 2.
And if you don't play the DS or Wii and would like me to expand my reviews to 360 or PS3, depending on your writing ability, I might just do that.
Reply here, PM me or email me if you're interested.

I may be a little harsh when choosing people if anyone replies... So... Sorry if you feel that I am too harsh.

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