Hacking Looking for information / answers about cIOS, AHBPROT and USB Loader formats


Jan 19, 2018
Bremen, Deutschland
Hi forums, first time posting here because i couldn't find anybody who actually knows stuff about this.

I'm currently making a "Project M on PAL Wii" guide that is supposed to be as updated and easy as possible.

The assumptions are that the user has a PAL 4.3E Wii that's completely vanilla when starting off.

Obviously the first steps are downloading LetterBomb, installing HBC, BootMii as IOS or optimally as boot2.

In the current version of the guide i currently include the IOS 236 installer / uninstaller from this page which works:
[link removed because my account is new]

But when searching it up online i've also come across this:
[link removed because my account is new]

After the IOS236 is installed, i then continue with the cIOSx rev21 installer that i got from here:
[link removed because my account is new]

and install IOS56 v5561 and IOS38 v4123 into the slots 250 and 249 respectively.

Once that's done latest USB Loader GX can load Project M without any problems.

Now someone told me that instead of those WAD installers i should be using YAWMM which has some sort of batch option.
On this page it says that a cIOS (IOS236 i assume?) is not needed when you have AHBPROT access (or "disabled" or whatever):
[link removed because my account is new]

So for all this IOS stuff:
1 Why exactly these IOS?
2 Aren't the ones that i install all technically "cIOS"? If no, what's the difference between an IOS and a cIOS?
3 Why do i even need to download technically official stuff through NUS Downloader that should be on the Wii already?
4 What's the minimum amount of IOS / cIOS installed in order to load Project M (SD homebrew method)?
5 How do i know if i have AHBPROT access and when is that usually the case?
6 What steps can i leave out with the access?

Here's something related but a little different:
I've been having a lot of trouble loading PM (or Brawl for that matter) from my 32GB USB flash drive with any format other than WBFS. No other format is working for me for some reason. All my testing has been done with a NAND reset 4.3E wii with the modifications described above (IOS, cIOS, latest USB Loader GX from SD card etc.).
As i want this guide to be as easy as possible it would be very comfortable if the user simply needed to format his USB device with NTFS and just make a "games" folder and put the Brawl ISO in there in one piece.
Then there wouldn't be a need for the WiiBackupManager that i am currently using in my guide.
If setting up NTFS support isn't recommended, how can i easily make FAT32 work?
I've tried different methods like the ones from WiiBackupManager with the automatic file splitting for the FAT32 file size limitation but to no success...

Okay so i know this post is a huge mess, i'd be very thankful if someone could help me with this stuff because i'd like to be able to know enough about these topics so i can help people who don't and also that i can make sure the guide i'm making is as precise and simple as possible.

Regards, waffeln

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