Looking for friends! o.o"

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    Hi guys!

    Well... like the title says, I'm in search of some friends for my 3DS friendlist.
    I own the 3DS from the first day it was released, same goes for the 3DS XL, but sadly none of my real friends is interested in Nintendo stuff, so my friendlist is still... EMPTY! Q_Q

    I'd be interested in sharing some mails using the Nintendo Mailbox, and playing some games together if possible. :)

    My FC: 5155 - 2901 - 7831

    Games I own:

    Super Mario 3D Land
    Mario Kart 7
    Theatrythm Final Fantasy
    The Legend of Zelda OOT
    Tales of the Abyss
    Kingdom Hearts 3D DDD
    Resident Evil Revelations
    Heroes of Ruin
    Samurai Warrior Chronicles
    Cave Story 3D
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Tekken 3D
    Spirit Camera
    Dinosaurs 3D
    Ridge Racer 3D
    Asphalt 3D

    Well... if you're interested in any more information... just send me a letter? ^^"
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    Throwing milk at the bitches!

    Not only will it keep stupid need friends topics from getting flamed, but its also much easier to find someone there.
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