1. phfatbeatrice

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    Jun 9, 2013
    United States
    I have a Wii 4.3U that is softmodded. I have HBC, Configurable USB Loader, USB Loader GX, and a few other HBC apps.

    I modded my Wii Shop to be the Japanese region, and even got Karaoke Joysound to get me to where I can buy a ticket. The only problem I'm haing is getting my USB mic to work. It's a Logitech, and it came with Sing It! Pop Hits, the sub label being "Disney: Interactive Studio". I read somewhere that these mics don't work with anything other than Sing it! but I cannot promise anything on that.

    I've tried loading it with Configurable USB Loader with IOS222-mload, IOS223-mload, and IOS259; I'e also tried on USB Loader GX with IOS222 and IOS223. The mic is never picked up, but the game plays just fine under every setting otherwise. I'm running the game from an 8GB Kingston flash drive in slot 0, with the Logitec mic in USB slot 1. I wanted to try to burn the game on a backup and run it form a DVD (With the mic plugged into either slot 0 or 1), but I've only got DVD+R right now. I'm running my channels on homebrew from a 2GB Sandisk SD card.

    I really wanted to play this game, so I would like some help on this. I'm willing to look into a new mic if that's needed, but I already bought another wii to avoid bricking my other wii (that was softmodded before I bought it with some scary errors and glitches I'd rather not screw up further.)

    Thank you ahead of time.

  2. endoverend

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    Jun 6, 2013
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    Try IOS223, IOS224 base 57, and IOS248 on Configurable USB Loader, these are the three that support external mics. To change it, go to the game settings in cfg and find IOS.
    You also might need to use an externally powered HDD. The Wii might not have enough power to power a flash drive and a mic.
    People have the best results using IOS223-mload.
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