Local game streaming from PC as XBOX XBE?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by retrospect, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Presumably, people can still make XBEs for the original XBOX. This may or may not be legal depending on where they are. Has anyone made anything to let me stream PC games to my XBOX, like Steam Link? There's an open technology called LimeLight, although there may be better alternatives.

    I ask because that would be freaking awesome. The XBOX could do 720P with a Component video connection, and that's not half bad on a mid-size telly.

    I bet XBOXs are about £10 now so I think this could be popular.
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    PC services to do it are not the best, though they are rapidly getting better. Rather than an original xbox (which kind of went a tiny bit back up in price, especially if you are going to want to find/make component cables for it) I would probably look to a little android TV stick or raspberry pi or something.
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    A pi would be bad for this, the network is kinda slow. The max theoretical speed is 12.5MB/S, it has 10/100 going though a USB hub.