Loading wii games from usb using loader GX?!

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by JAF-DOL, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. JAF-DOL

    JAF-DOL Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    Hi folks:D
    For some time ago I softmod my wii and can now play gamecube games just fine with my usb. (And can run emulators too) I now want to test if it works with wii games and I got a iso file of resident evil archives 0 which I converted to a wbfs file and formatted my usb to a NTFS drive with wii backup manager while I transfer the file over to my usb so it looked like this:

    USB > wbfs (folder) > Resident evil 0 [RBHP08] (folder) > RM8E01.wbfs

    I then boot my wii up and started running USB loader GX and it showed the game and I tried to play it but it just went on to the homebrew channel again and the second time a black screen...

    Before I tried the "wbfs" thing, I did exactly what I did with gamecube and it did not work at all.

    So the question is what did I do wrong in this whole process?!
    Should I not use wbfs file with USB Loader GX... then what??

    Hopes you guys can help me out of this problemXD
  2. stephaniie

    stephaniie GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Dec 11, 2013
    United States
    use fat32 not ntfs .
  3. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight

    Global Moderator
    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    For Wii games, both FAT32 and NTFS work, so his problem is not the partition format.
    Though, you should keep it as FAT32 as it's easier/required if you want to have both Wii and gamecube games on the same drive.

    When launching a game just exit/reset, it's usually an issue with missing IOS.
    What did you installed in slot249/250?
    you can check what's installed by running syscheck (guide in my signature).
    You need d2x v8 or newer, with base56 and 57 respectively in slot 249 and 250.
  4. JAF-DOL

    JAF-DOL Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    As Cyan is saying, there is no problem with my partition format or anything like that at all, I format it to fat 32 but it did the same thing:(
    I have just running syscheck:

    SysCheck v2.3.0 HacksDen Edition by JoostinOnline, Double_A, R2-D2199, and Nano
    ...runs on IOS58 (rev 6176).

    Region: PAL
    System Menu 4.3E (v514)

    Drive date: 02.13.200702
    Homebrew Channel 1.1.2 running on IOS58

    Hollywood v0x11
    Console ID: 104010356
    Console Type: Wii
    Shop Channel Country: Denmark (74)
    Boot2 v4
    Found 98 titles.
    Found 46 IOS on this console. 16 of them are stub.

    IOS4 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS9 (rev 1034): No Patches
    IOS10 (rev 768): Stub
    IOS11 (rev 256): Stub
    IOS12 (rev 526): No Patches
    IOS13 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS14 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS15 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS16 (rev 512): Stub
    IOS17 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS20 (rev 256): Stub
    IOS21 (rev 1039): No Patches
    IOS22 (rev 1294): No Patches
    IOS28 (rev 1807): No Patches
    IOS30 (rev 2816): Stub
    IOS31 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS33 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS34 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS35 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS36 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS37 (rev 5663): No Patches
    IOS38 (rev 4124): No Patches
    IOS40 (rev 3072): Stub
    IOS41 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS43 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS45 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS46 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS48 (rev 4124): No Patches
    IOS50 (rev 5120): Stub
    IOS51 (rev 4864): Stub
    IOS52 (rev 5888): Stub
    IOS53 (rev 5663): No Patches
    IOS55 (rev 5663): No Patches
    IOS56 (rev 5662): No Patches
    IOS57 (rev 5919): No Patches
    IOS58 (rev 6176): USB 2.0
    IOS60 (rev 6400): Stub
    IOS61 (rev 5662): No Patches
    IOS62 (rev 6430): No Patches
    IOS70 (rev 6912): Stub
    IOS80 (rev 6944): No Patches
    IOS222 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS223 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS249 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS250 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS254 (rev 65281): BootMii
    BC v6
    MIOS v10 (DIOS MIOS 2.9)
    Report generated on 09/21/2014.
  5. stephaniie

    stephaniie GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Dec 11, 2013
    United States
    augh stubs..

    cyan : is it enough to have d2x file in 249 and not 250?
  6. JAF-DOL

    JAF-DOL Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    Should I use this guide to install d2x or what??

    I have just downloaded d2x cIOS Installer v3.1.zip and Dop-Mii v16 zip and just to make sure before I try this out:D

    1. Download d2x cIOS Installer v3.1.zip and extract it into /apps/ on your sd card.
    2. Download d2x-v10-beta53-alt.zip, rename it to d2x-v10-beta53-alt.7z and extract it to /apps/d2x-cios-installer on your sd card.
    3. Download DOP-Mii v16.zip and extract /DOP-Mii v16/apps/DOP-Mii/ to /apps/DOP-Mii/ on your sd card.
    4. Start your Wii and navigate to the Homebrew Channel
    5. Start DOP-Mii
    6. Install IOS 36 with all patches to slot 236 *
    7. Return to the Homebrew Channel
    8. Start the d2x Installer and select IOS 236
    9. Install d2x v10 r53 with base IOS 56 into slot 249 *
    10.Install d2x v10 r53 with base IOS 57 into slot 250 *base IOS 57 into slot 250 *

    another guide:

      • Download the latest d2x-cios-installer from its google code page:
    • Extract it into the apps folder of your sd card or usb device
    • Extract d2x-v7-final.zip or whatever the current version it is on your sd card or usb device into the folder /apps/d2x-cios-installer.
    NOTE: This will overwrite the file /apps/d2x-cios-installer/ciosmaps.xml possibly present in that folder.You might want to rename it before extracting the d2x package.

    • Launch the Homebrew Channel, start the installer and follow the instructions on the screen
  7. stephaniie

    stephaniie GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Dec 11, 2013
    United States
    @wait for cyan or someone experienced to answer, they know best :)
  8. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight

    Global Moderator
    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    Everything running on the wii use only one IOS at a time.
    so you can have only one custom IOS; you don't need to install all of them.

    The base56 is 80-90% enough for all games, so if you don't need to play call of duty or few musical games you don't need the base57 at all.
    installing only d2x cIOS v8 (or v10) with base 56 in slot249 is enough.

    You don't even need IOS236 (that most guide still tell users to install). Now most homebrew are using AHB_access to get NAND and hardware access, patched IOS are not required anymore.

    Do not use DOP-Mii (it's an old program, and it's dangerous).

    What you need is to install a patched IOS (cIOS d2x) to allow the Wii to read Wii games from USB instead of Disc.

    1- download one of these package :
    (Attention, do not mix them! don't install Wii version on WiiU and vice versa)
    For Wii
    For WiiU

    2- Extract the content on your SD card (it should work from USB Too, but I always use SD card for all my homebrew).
    it should be like this : SD:/apps/d2x cIOS installer/ <all the zip content here, which are boot.dol, meta.xml, ciosmaps.xml, folders, etc.)

    3- Run the installer on your Wii or vWii

    Select these options:
    what : d2x v8 (or v10 or v10-alt)
    where : slot 249
    base : IOS 56
    version : 21008 (or 21010)

    Press A to Install and proceed to the next one:
    what : d2x v8 (or v10 or v10-alt)
    where : slot 250
    base : IOS 57
    version : 21008 (or 21010)

    Done !
    That's all you need. nothing else.

    on vWii, do NOT install older cIOS. Only V10 or v10-Alt ! (if you install v8 or older, you will brick)

    Differences with the versions:
    v8 : latest stable
    v10 : v8+new HDD support
    V10-alt: V8+new HDD support+dual USB Port support but less game compatibility. Install "alt" version only if you REALLY need to use both USB Port in USBLoaders.

    I recommend to install v8 on Wii, and v10 on vWii.
    v10 on Wii is only if v8 doesn't work.
  9. JAF-DOL

    JAF-DOL Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    OMG it works.... thank you so much... I really want to give you a hugXD

    I don´t know if I did something wrong in the process but the wii wants me to update because I got a disc in the machine.... or I assume I can´t play anymore disc games from now on??up

    Edit: Or can I use a uploader to that??
    Edit 2: Just ignore the question I forgot that Usb loader GX could do that and it did excellent:D

    Have a nice day!!
  10. JAF-DOL

    JAF-DOL Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    But how should I place iso files on my usb??
    (I used a wbsf file just now)

    Should I make like this:
    Games folder - "titel" folder - iso file (who is named for example game.iso)
  11. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight

    Global Moderator
    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    The disc want to update because you replaced the slot249 and 250 with custom IOS.

    When installing the cIOS you chose version "21008", but the game want to replace it back with the two fake/empty IOS from nintendo version 65180 (or something like that, not sure about the number).
    Nintendo release fake IOS with a high version number in attempt to counter piracy. but if you want, you can reinstall the cIOS with an even higher version number, instead of version 21008 select version 65535 !

    There's also another method to prevent the console asking to update : Priiloader.
    You install priiloader which will be inserted before the system menu when you launch your Wii, and will patch the menu to stop checking for updates.

    for ISO:
    Use wii Backup Manager to transfer files from computer to Wii HDD.
    it will place the game in the correct folder.

    basically, it must be located here:
    usb:/wbfs/Game Title [GameID]/GameID.wbfs

    You can also launch USBLoaderGX (or another loader), insert a Game disc and select "install game", it will copy the game to ISO/wbfs format on the HDD directly in the correct place.
  12. JAF-DOL

    JAF-DOL Member

    Sep 21, 2014
    Anyway thanks for the help... I really appreciate it:)
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