libBAG (SCDS2 Entry -- Coding Library)

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    libBAG has been updated to R5, see below for changelog.


    libBAG is a development library for the Supercard DS Two for use with the Supercard sdk to make development easier and faster.

    This library includes graphic routines supporting the formats bitmap, png and jpg graphics. An audio system for easy playback of wav, raw or ogg audio. Easy input detection for multiple button states such as pad new presses, releases and holds. A bitmap(png works too) font system as well as ttf support using freetype lib. And many more functions including graphical effects such as alpha blending, color effects, animations, image scaling and rotating.

    There are also a few examples that touch on how to use such features and full documents created using doxygen with a list of all functions and a their description.

    Some programs created with this library include:
    (Screenshots included in links)
    DS2Pong -BassAceGold
    My Plugin tech Demo -BassAceGold
    My system tester -BassAceGold
    My replacement plugin menu

    This library is also being used in some upcoming projects:
    Alynna has mentioned the possibility of using libBAG for the interface of his/her C64 emulator

    Download contains lib source, manual, examples, a template project, and installation instructions. The latest release of the Supercard SDK (0.13* and up) is required to compile the library.
    Download here

    *SDK 0.13 has had multiple releases with many fixes so make sure you have the latest one.
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    Why there's an "R4" in the Topic Title, is this a Version for the R4 or Release 4 of libBAG?
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    release 4.
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    alanjohn check ur pm
    If you've read the first post you wouldn't have to ask.
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    libBAG has been updated to R5, see first post for details.