LG Stylo 3 - Secure startup enabled without knowing how


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Apr 29, 2011
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So, I have an LG Stylo 3 phone, via Cricket (my provider) and well, my phone has been acting very odd. See, last night I changed the theme to another from the boring default to another one I liked. From there, I had the phone go into standby like I normally do. The next day, I tried to turn on the phone, battery was dead, despite having 50% power the night before, so naturally I first thought something was wrong with the battery, I start charging it and it charged up as normal. Thought nothing of it, and when I started up the phone, to my horror, somehow, the phone was set to secure boot, requiring a password past a white screen, with X no. of attempts before complete data deletion, so yeah, if I take too many more attempts, my phone will be forced to do a factory reset. Now, I don't remember ever changing this, I never turned on secure boot, much less ever setting a PIN to get past the secure boot screen, so something is royally jacked up and I can't figure out how to bypass it. Yes, I have my old phone, and that has all my contacts on it, so I can transfer/write down the ones I care about should I have to reset the phone, and I doubt Cricket can do anything to get past the stupid secure boot PIN screen, *sigh* I'm royally pissed off right now about this, and I don't know what else to do other than start from scratch and make sure this stupid thing never happens again.

Why they make this a feature to where such a kill switch system exists, and completely locks people out, even if it was somehow accidental, is beyond me. It's such bullshit. Any advice?

The thing I don't get is, shouldn't have the phone ask me to make a PIN, even if I accidentally enabled this setting? Surely, it would have asked me to put in some kind of password or PIN, no? Why is it asking me to put in a PIN I never set up?

Edit: Unless for some reason, it's my Google password?
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