Let's Brawl!: Street Fighter IV Tourney!

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    Where: The fabulous (and it really is kind of fabulous) Capcom suite at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
    When: Microsoft Community Battle is Thursday, January 8, from 7-9:30pm.
    Sony Community Battle is Saturday, January 10, from 3-5:30pm.
    Capcom Unity members are welcome BOTH nights!
    Who: You!

    Capcom, Microsoft, and SONY will be having a tournament to decide which company is the best once and for all. How will they decide? What other way to fight it out then with Street Fighter IV! Each night will feature a battle to pick a representative platform champion. (There are 20 for each company.) The champs will each win a Collector’s Edition Street Fighter IV, with the Microsoft champ returning to battle the Sony champ on Saturday to decide once and for all which platform rules, and which drools. Sony and Microsoft will also be giving away prizes to make things better. But you must be 18+ to attend.

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    Wow, thats pretty bad for Nintendo... But Capcom did the same thing with SFIII. Why can`t we get a real SF game. I would be satisfied with TvsC but without Ken or Akuma and no online mode it is not exactly what I was looking for...
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    I just watched a gameplay video. At least they kept all gameplay like the original SFs, but the videos just didn't catch my attention as the greatest single-spatform fighter of all time, like when I first saw street fighter 2.