Launch GCMM from bootmii installed to boot2?

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    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice in case anyone else has been in a similar situation.

    I have a launch wii that sadly died a couple of years back, or so I thought. It turned out the Bluetooth module was faulty, and luckily I was able to dump my nand as bootmii was installed as boot2.

    I bought a replacement Bluetooth module and it worked for a couple of weeks and it then died again. Still no issue accessing bootmii, but don't want to buy another Bluetooth module in case it kills it again.

    I have moved my NAND dump to my PC and am using it in dolphin with the dolphin bar now as a replacement and I'm much happier now playing in HD with all my old saves etc.

    Now I'm getting to the point, I have got all my wii saves across fine, but I want to get my GameCube saves off of my memory card and onto my PC. Is it possible to launch GCMM directly from bootmii so I can copy the memory card to my SD card? And if so, how would I go about doing that?

    Will that fact that my Bluetooth module is faulty prevent me from doing that? I've seen some conflicting responses reading through some old threads.

    I know GCMM works with a GameCube controller so as long as I can actually get it to launch I should be able to navigate around it fine without a working Bluetooth module. At leat so I hope :)
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