Laserjet's and multiple data streams

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    I've been searching and searching for an answer to this and just can't find anything! So I'm starting to post this question on any forum I am/was active on that has technically-literate people. If anyone can provide any information, I would be incredibly grateful!

    I'm looking for information on LaserJet's and their ability to piece multiple data streams together into a single document. I'm not sure what the actual technical terms are -- if you know, please tell me!

    The proprietary software I work with sends data to the printer in pieces -- for instance, with a form print, it has the generic form text, the user information, and the specific form text. The system prints these in three streams -- the LaserJet then compiles this to a single document.

    The P3005-series printers support this, but I cannot find anything similar to this in the documentation. What other models support it? What is the feature/process called?

    Any help that can be provided is MUCH appreciated!! Thanks!!