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Oct 11, 2011
Welcome back Tempers! and Sheimi!, to...

In this quirky little activity you tempers can get to know eachother a little better.

Know Your Temps rules and information:
  • General forum rules apply, do not break those!
  • Members can ask as many questions as they want, please keep it to one post, do not turn the thread into a personal chatbox!
  • Do not ask uncomfortable questions
  • Do not make use of question templates, these will be treated as spam!
    Make up some original questions and if someone has already asked a question you wanted to ask, you could ask them why they like it or ask them to share their opinion on it.
  • If you signed up for KYT, you'll be required to actively participate in asking questions to others.
    Last KYT, there where a lot of people who did not bother asking questions to others whilst they where on the session list, which resulted in emptyish threads and circlejerking with others.
    Your session will be scrapped from the list if you don't actively participate in asking things to your fellow attendee's.
    Not only will this prevent empty sessions, this will also generate more interest in your own KYT.
  • Please keep circlejerking to the EoF.
    This means memes and things like lenny faces and what not should not be in your question list!
  • Tempers that change their names and fail to notify me will be booted off the list, no exceptions.
  • Tempers that get suspended will be booted off the list, no exceptions.
  • If you're unavailable around the time your session is due, please send me a PM in advance and I'll put your session on hold.
  • If you want your session to be moved backwards, please PM me in advance and I'll move it backwards or put it on hold.
  • If you don't log in for 2 weeks consecutively, I will remove you from the KYT list, no exceptions.
    Last KYT, there where some people who didn't log in for a couple of weeks and did show up right before or right after their session.
  • Sessions will run for ~72 hours, In this time you'll get a 12 hourly status update from me saying your session is up to create more interest.
  • I will send the user with an upcoming session a notification, 72 hours in advance that their KYT is about to start as a reminder

This fun and engaging activity helps us get to know you better, in an exciting, chaotic way! Remember to be kind and have fun!

In This Session: @Sheimi will be on stand for questioning!

For updates on KYT, refer to this thread


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Oct 22, 2009
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Yo how's it going?
You're a pokemon fan I presume?
Meat or no meat?
Watch anime?
Favourite series of games?
Favourite game?

* Goin ok, could be better.
* Yeeeee
* Meat
* Yeppers
* Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
* Sonic 3 & Knuckles

whats your favorite type of pie?
Would be pumpkin pie. Guess cheesecake doesn't count :P

What made you start collecting Dev machine?
Favorite hobbies?
Favorite game?
Favorite franchise?
Do you like where you are in life?
* coding, speedrunning, building stuff
* Splatoon 2
* Persona series
* Yes and No. Pretty soon I'll be on my own.
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