Korean DS Lite vs US DS Lite

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  1. hexagon2000

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    Nov 13, 2009
    I noticed that there are shops that carry Korean version DS Lite and some carry US Version DS Lite. Are there any different between both of them, software or hardware wise? In term of using flash card and upgrade, any problem with Korean version of DS Lite? Will the korean version work with all the games found online, especially games from US?

    The Korean version seems to be cheaper than the US version.

    Sorry for the N00B question, would like to know before investing in it.

    Thank you
  2. Destructobot

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    All regions of any version of the DS have the same hardware. The US, EU, JP, and CN DS systems are all region free, so I would guess that the Korean version would be as well. The only exception is the downloadable games and software for the DSi; that's locked to the region. Also, the DSi doesn't let you change the system language.

    In short, the DS Lite should be fine, but if you're getting a DSi you should get one in a language you're comfortable with.

    p.s. It's really annoying when people put their entire post in funny fonts and colors.
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    They are both the same systems with no differences. Only difference there might be is the language will be Korean when you boot the system up. But you can always change that.

    All flashcarts, updates, and GBA expansions will work.

    Don't worry. [​IMG]
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    Doesn't the Chinese DS have different hardware? It has to read special characters after all.
  5. mercluke

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    Dec 2, 2007
    has larger fw and can read dsique games as well as ds cards, regular ds can only read ds cards (unless runnning ique game on a flashcard with an awesome menu like akaio which supports ique roms)