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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Rydian, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Previously: The kittens are growing well! The family they're staying with is raising them with lots of love, they've become friendly and really forward towards getting pet. The male, Pun'kin, is definitely staying with them now, the two parties fell in love. He's really hyperactive and different compared to his sisters, they say, and he purrs like a mountain lion.

    This pic is maybe a month old.

    I don't have any good pictures of the other kittens since they've grown, can't get them to stay still in a room that has good lighting...

    Today: "DR. BIGNEEDLE", A.K.A. The Vet™. Well, SPCA to be specific, since they have a dedicated spaying/neutering center here. Got Momma' and one of the kittens (We originally dubbed her "No Socks", but the family watching them re-named her "Cleo") spayed today (rabies and distemper shots too). Momma' was just fine on the ride over (surprisingly), but Cleo was complaining until I opened her carrier to pet her... and had to keep scratching her or she'd start freaking out again. When I was petting her she even rolled over for a tummyrub and was purring and all that jazz, but if I stopped petting she'd remember she was in a car and would freak out...

    The roads around here (Virginia Beach -> Norfork) are fast and pretty damn rough (concrete slabs for sustainability), though, so it's understandable that she was freaked.

    The cats were pretty intent on getting their cone off, and Momma' succeeded on the way back, but thankfully she wasn't biting at herself so I was able to keep her occupied as well until we got them to the house and I could get her cone back on.

    Once we got them into a bedroom to segregate them (so the other cats without cones don't bite at the stiches) they started freaking out because of the collars... though that didn't stop Cleo (the kitten, top of the pic) from figuring out how to shove her face into the food bowl anyways.


    Cleo at the top, Momma' at the bottom. Cleo looks the most like her mother out of the litter, but her brown/tan is much more muted and well-spread, she's a colored tabbie instead of a tortie-tabbie.

    The family we're keeping them with said that the self esteem of the cats will plummet because they're going to be making so many cone jokes...

    EDIT: (4:47:23 PM) Sitwon: if you pull on their whiskers do they light up?

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    that orange one looks like my Mieux. I call him Mieux-sy (like Mew-zee) then shortened to Z since im lazy. gotta love maine coon cats, they are wonderful pets.
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    The Orange one is cute :3
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    Either that's a colored marker, or one of your cats have been smoking.

    Either way sooooo cute.
  5. Ammako

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    YELLOW CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yay lamp-cats \:D/

    Speaking of cats, one of my cats is 14 years old.
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    Uh oh...purrs like a mountain lion...hyperactive? Had a kitten like that once (separated too early from her mother). She was a crazy lil ****. She eventually ended up at my mom's house, i.e. the home for hard-luck cases.
  7. Chikaku-chan

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    Aug 9, 2011
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    So cute!!! :wub:
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