Kingston Datatraveler Issues

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    I'm not very tech savvy when it comes to external HDD's and flash drives, so this problem has really confused me. My Kingston Datatraveler is 15 gigs so it should be more then enough to hold a few games, but it refuses to hold almost anything. I've added small games such as WiiPlay just fine but if I try and add anything 1gb or up, it freezes around 9% or somewhere really early, jumps to 100%, then the format is corrupted and I have to reformat to WBFS. I've tried just adding the WBFS files to a Fat32 or NTFS format but when I try that, the transfer freezes and tells me that the files I'm trying to move are too big (not even close) or that the "directory" no longer exists. I haven't found any answers on this anywhere because I'm not even sure how to google such a question, so I've come to the hacking community themselves. Help?
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    If you've tried re-formating it, and tried different USB hubs, but still have troubles, it's most likely the (fake) USB itself.

    If you want to hold a fair number of games, going big with USB flashdrives will drain your cash.
    You can get a decent external HDD enclosure for around $20-$40 and a 100GB-250GB HDD for $20-$50.