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    Mar 15, 2009
    How to manually hex edit KH rom:

    1: Google and download a program called XVI32.Follow This Link This is the hex editor I used.

    2: Open your KH rom.

    3: At the top click address, then click goto, then click hexidecimal.

    4: Type 010E5DC into the box and click ok.

    5: The first block should be highlighted.

    6: At the top click edit, click overwrite string, click hex string, in the bottom box type 37 and click ok.

    7: Click file, then click save.

    8: Put the file you just saved on your flash cart and enjoy

    I'd Figured It Out On My Own

    I confirmed it to work with an R4/EDGE

    tnx for the other members of
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    This has been posted at least twelve times already. It's OLD NEWS.
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