Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode is live. Prepare to die. A lot.

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    Square Enix has dropped Critical Mode on us today. I've played through Olympus and died about 50 times from start to finish. Sora has had his HP/MP cut in half, and he has the defenses of a wet paper sack. But, it's not completely unfair. He deals more damage, and has a Soldier's Earring equipped. There are more abilities, including one that disables Attractions except when story-required, but instead guarantees Formchanges. You can also carry over all your Keyblades, but their level is reset to 1, including those that started out at a higher level, such as Ultima Weapon.

    Back to the game, I also got killed a lot by the two-part battle when you enter Twilight Town. That Nobody wave killed me at least 10 times, and got wrecked by the Demon Tide 14 times.

    I saved and stopped at that point.

    It appears that the Gummi ship section has been untouched. I've already done every thing in Starlight Way not locked by story progression, including the 5-star battle, 'Clash with the Comet Crushers'. My Gummi Level is 34.

    Is anyone else playing today, and what are your thoughts on it?
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    not in ur place, bitch
    Damn! It is so hard!