Kid Icarus sequel to arrive on Wii in 2008

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    Source: GamePro

    Source: Kid Icarus sequel to arrive on Wii in 2008

    Could this be the "big game" Nintendo will announce at E3 this year? An IGN podcast published on Monday says maybe while confirming that an Icarus sequel is in development.

    At the 12:42 mark of the Nintendo Voice Chat: Episode 1, IGN editor Matt Casamassina said, "We do know that game exists," referring to the rumored return of Kid Icarus on Wii. Previously, Cassamassina assured fans the game would "absolutely" arrive in 2008.

    Last week, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime promised "a big game" that would be revealed at this year's E3. "All I can tell you is what we announce during E3 is gonna be fantastic," he told Game Trailers TV. "The gamer is gonna be excited, and the expanded audience is gonna be excited."

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    Nice!!!!!! [​IMG]
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    I hope it's true.
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    Hmmm....what can Pit do that Kratos already hasn't??? Well I guess Pit does fly. I hope they spend good amount of time on it to make it original rather than a Legend of Zelda game with Pit replacing Link
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    Mar 23, 2008
    Answer: not being a Prince of Persia -but bloodier- rip-off =)
    The same guy (Casamassina) announced there was a Halo DS game being developed and that was totally fake, that could be the case here as well
  6. DarkUli

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    Mar 9, 2008

    If the original pit game combined elements such as Mario's jumping, Zelda's Item Collecting and Metroid's shooting..

    Does that mean we'll have..

    Pit fighting in space, flying and jumping like Mario, whilst rivaling with his alter, dark-ego, shooting energy beams out of his bow in a Samus-esque style (Don't forget the Zer- I mean Pit Suit), doing all this either fishing or horseback riding and visiting other dimensions as another self? Like in Twilight Princess?

    Man that'd be effin' cool.
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    yeah dude. It was totally fake? Never gonna see the light of day, but it was real.
  8. Hadrian

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    Wasn't it just a Goldeneye Rogue Agent Mod?

    Anyway there's been these rumours coming from IGN since the Gamecube launches.

    Not sure if I want a new game or not now, unless its a proper retro DS title. A 3D Wii title could be a Metroid/Zelda lite style title but difficult.
  9. LokusT

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    There's been several rumours and requests in the past about/for a new Kid Icarus game. Really not surprised that one is apparently finally on it's way especially since Pit appeared in SSBB. Seemed a bit odd to include him otherwise.

    I'm particularly interested to see what form it will take though. If it is to be the big Wii game for christmas, which although is a great game, hasn't ever been that big a name to really carry any clout so I guess they would need to do something pretty radical with it. This got me to thinking that if it does appear on the Wii, I can see it being a first person game similar to Metroid Prime. If so, I imagine it could have a gimmicky control system for firing the bow. Drawing back with the Nunchuk or something. Even if the game is excellent, it would really have to be something quite special to really stand out as THE Nintendo title for xmas 08.

    I hope it isn't though. Either way, I'm excited by it's return. Just not sure if it is the game that could excite me enough as Reggie thinks IF it is the big one. Looking forward to more info all the same though.

    Thanks for giving the heads up on the news.
  10. Hadrian

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    Didn't Reggie say that his favourite DS game on launch was Spider-Man 2? He does get stuff wrong from time to time.
  11. LokusT

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    He sure as hell wasn't playing the retail code then :\
  12. CockroachMan

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    Nintendo always make good 2D->3D transitions.. Mario, Zelda, Metroid.. all became great 3D games, I believe they'll know what to do with Kid Icarus..
  13. Master Mo

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    I think it is a good idea to make a new Kid Ikarus. I hope they manage to get some exploration in the game as well (but please in third person --> not that you guys think I don`t like Metroid Prime 1-3 --> loved it!!!).

    They should respect Gunpays vision of exploration, aktion and plattforming like they did in metroid and I think it will be the same way with Pitt in Kid Ikarus.

    Like CockroachMan said in this thread: Nintendo always make good 2D->3D transitions..
  14. shadow1w2

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    Hmm, Ice Climbers?
    They've been in since Melee.
    Ya, thats the new game of the year!

    Ice Climbers: Cimbing to the future!

    Well, we know a new Kid Icarus is coming and Im hoping its as hard as heck.
    I was never a fan of the origonal but I did like its difficulty spike.
    Something always grabbed me just for that for some reason.

    Still, I also dont see it as the number one mega game.
    It should be a big one with tons of story and tons of elements.
    Something as big as we thought Zelda:TP was gonna be. (I remember hearing about like, 16 dungeons, instead we barely got seven or eight.)

    I think the Nintendo E3 buster is gonna be a mix of all their stuff.
    Balance Board + Wii Zapper + DS
    Wich will include a plastic chair setup to connect them all together.
    The game;
    "Wii Play: Too much"
    It'll include over 90 minigames that are all variations of the same thing.
    Basicly a 100 Dollar chair with a free game. Or a 100 dollar overpriced game with a free chair xD
    Ya ya, totally.

    Either that or Wii wings.... fly away!
  15. SpaceJump

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    Aug 18, 2005
    Maybe this is Retro's new project. They said they would take a break from Metroid ( [​IMG] ) and move to a new project. Imo Kid Icarus would fit them well seeing how great they did the transition from 2D to 3D with Metroid.
    Who else should develop it but Gunpei Yokoi's heir [​IMG]