Just got PSTV. Overwhelmed. Help?

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    * I apologize in advance if this is too long of a post. I just got my PSTV so I don't really know what I'm doing :)

    So I just got a PSTV, and I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the different options available for a direction to take with it. Plus I don't really know what all these options are. I keep hearing different things like ARK, TN-V, Unity, Retroarch, Defiler... If anyone could clue me in as to what they do / which is better / etc., that could be very helpful to me. Doesn't have to be super-detailed.

    - I want to try to see if it can handle PS4 Remote Play. My PS4 is hooked up straight to a TP-LINK Archer C7 Router via CAT6. My internet provider is Verizon FiOS, speed is 150 Mbps Download / 150 Mbps Upload. The PSTV would be hooked up via Cat6 to my work's internet, which is very fast. I'm thinking, maybe considering the favorable conditions, it might work. But I know there is no guarantee that it will work well enough for it to be enjoyable.

    If I attempt to do the above, will I have to update the PSTV to the point where it will no longer be hackable? Because I think that might be a dealbreaker. I'm more intrigued with what could potentially be done with this tiny magic box than with using my PS4 on my break.

    - While the obvious Holy Grail would be Vita backups, for now, I'd like to be able to run emulators on it if possible, especially SNES. However, since I could do this with other things instead if need be, the Remote Play aspect would take priority if it is possible.

    Thanks for reading!
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    ARK/TN-V are both custom firmware's that run on the PSTV's PSP side. It's up to personal preference as to which you use, however I like TN-V because I get the full PSP XMB.
    Unity is application on your PSTV that you use to launch Rejuvenate.
    Rejuvenate is the name given to the exploit that's running natively on the Vita side. It's available on firmwares up to 3.51, so don't update past that if you're interested in this.
    Defiler is an application you run within Unity to launch homebrew.

    If you want to use PS4 Link to remote play the PS4, you'll need to be running the latest firmware. By updating to the latest firmware, you'll no longer be able to run Rejuvenate. You can still use TN-V/Ark, however you will need to purchase an exploit game from the Playstation Store. On the current firmware, this game is Mimana Iyar Chronicle, and comes at a price of $9.99. You can however set up Ark/TN-V before updating and use a free PSP demo from the Playstation store before updating, and the hack will remain after updating.

    For the time being, there is no way to run Vita backups yet. A method to dump cartridges and install them to your memory card was released a few days ago (requires the cart to be inserted once per reboot), so it could be around the corner, but nobody knows. PSP backups and emulators can both be launched from the PSP side. Almost everything that works on the PSP also works on the PSTV's PSP side, so there's a pretty vast selection of emulators available. There are some emulators that run on the Vita side of things using the Rejuvenate hack, however there aren't many, and they aren't particularly well optimised yet, so your mileage may vary.