Just got a 60GB fully BC PS3

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    Well, I just got a first generation 60 GB PS3 from a friend after helping him acquire a collector's edition copy of Star Wars TOR (he plans to play that for a WHILE, and he also plays his 360 far more nowadays), and I needed a second PS3 for online and regular usage since my slim has CFW. I was curious about the chance it would receive a YLOD. He (and I) has been playing it for years with virtually no problem whatsoever, and it being about 5 years old, I wanted to know if it would still be in good condition if I were to play it actively. I didn't want to get it and have it suddenly crap out on me within a month, since these PS3s are prone to this problem apparantly. :P
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    since you owned it that long and it didn't have one single problem i wouldnt worry TO much about it... yet i would get this http://www.fixmypcdoctor.com/product.php?productid=12&cat=4&page=1 you do have to open up your system.. *it doesn't have warranty anyway* so if you are courageous enough and know what your doing its quite simple... mine always runs at 50 percent fan speed and is very cool and does not over heat where before it got very hot * didn't get ylod but i did it anyway*
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    just check the heat pipe, thermal copper, fan and thermal compound. I ended up replacing those 4 on my 60GB PS3. Although my PS3 had 0 history of YLOD yet.