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    so for many of those who don't know. my wiiu is bricked. I lost my nand dump to a virus on my computer.... However if the wiiu update system works any simimlar to the 3ds. Would it (if the console noticed it was missing files) would it be able to preform a update via standby, given If I could figure out to how to change the dns. My wiiu has standby fuctions on. Which In theory, If we can get the dns removed somehow... or reroute it back to nintendo's servers. could it possible fix it? The files that are causing this brick is in the vwii side.... so thats a giant question. However maybe im lucky and the updater can get those files on that directory..... Any person know if this could be possible? im using the current lost anglos and some other dns for the wiiu.... the wiiu brick occurred months back. And its because that vwii files are missing as my arrogance I deleted it as a experiment. no surprise it was a brick.
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