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    Jump Ultimate Stars is a game made for Japan, in Japanese language, and released only in Japan.
    Because of this, unless your a master of the written Japanese language, you cant play this game.
    However those of us who managed to obtain "an item" are able to translate the game thanks to a person called defeufeu. Thanks :-D

    Ok so, actual game review time.
    This game is basically a portable version of Super Smash Brothers, minus the Nintendo characters.
    Instead this game features the cast of manga characters from popular manga magazine Shonen Jump.
    This includes a slew of iconic series in America such as Bobobo, One Piece, Ruroni Kenshin, Naruto, Yu-Yu Hakusho, and much more.

    Gameplay wise, its like I said, a portable Super Smash Brothers.
    Battles allow for up to 4 players in a 2d stage with hazards.
    Whats different, is that you dont choose only one character, you create what the game calls a manga deck,
    Filled with what the game calls komas which are the characters in either battle koma form, which you play with,
    Or support koma where you summon them to help, perhaps with an attack or something else.

    This game also has a character type system of Power, Knowledge, and Laughter,
    Where Power is weak against Laughter but strong against Knowledge, and Knowledge is strong against Laughter.
    This spices up gameplay, as customizing manga decks becomes more about strategy than getting your favorite or the strongest characters in your deck.
    All in all this game has the multiple character selection of Marvel vs Capcom,
    The fighting style of Super Smash Brothers,
    The strategic type weaknesses of Pokemon,
    And the deck customization of Yu-Gi-Oh, making this an amazing game.

    The only downside to this game is the MASSIVE amounts of items to collect in game,
    And subsequently the unobtainability of all the trivial things to get 100% item collection without cheats.
    Even so, I still love playing this game with my friends. We played just 2 days before this post!
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    You're like 5 years late bro.
    Also the game isn't REALLY like SSB because most players actually frown upon ringouts (I don't mind 'em though) and it's far more combo oriented than SSB.

    Also, in case you're curious, this is the currently-under-construction tier list.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
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    Well hype late now man
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    Is there a final English patch?
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    i dont care how late i am i made this review long time, just reposted.
    that tier list is false, i know how to kick ass with lenalee [​IMG]
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    A few points.

    1. Horrible formatting. Please DO NOT center the text.
    2. You fail to go in depth to anything. Add some more detail. It doesn't talk about the graphics, sound, presentation, just the core gameplay.
    3. You gave no reason as to why it obtained 5/5 or a perfect score. It seems biased to me. There are always flaws in a game.
    4. Paragraphs please, not just broken up sentences.

    All in all, this is a bad review. Don't take it personally, but the review is just bad.
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    While still under construction, the tier list has at the very least placed Lenalee where she belongs, generally by unanimous vote by the community. She sucks, basically. She's a noob character who has exactly 1 combo that no one will ever, ever let you do. Let me guess, your idea of "kicking ass" with Lenalee is just spamming her Y+forward over and over, trying to ringout someone, right? [​IMG]

    Not to say that you aren't allowed to play her, feel free to do so, but it's pretty much an absolute fact that she completely blows.
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    It's not just bad, it's hideous. Buddy. We are not writing poems here. The only time something should be centered is if you're writing poems. You want an example of a highly praised review? Try my Supercard DSTwo review.

    I'll go easy since it is your first attempt.

    1. NO center text.
    2. Add photos! Trust me, even two photos can go a long way. Adds more eye candy.
    3. Scoring was biased.
    4. Details, details. You barely even touched ground on it.
    5. Spacing is vitally important. Don't make a giant text wall.
    6. Broken grammar makes the review lose a lot of credibility.
    7. Please lay off of the language. You'd sound more professional.
    8. Change the score scale, instead of five points, make it like 50 points with different categories, like gameplay, Story, Graphics, etc.
    9. When taking pictures, do make them look nice and sharp.
    10. Good luck, try again! Practice makes perfect! You've got a really weak backbone here, but with a lot of effort, you'll do fine. Take more time to write them. This time, it seems REALLY rushed with no attention to detail.

    If you want any further tips, please do not hesitate to contact me, alright? [​IMG] I've been writing reviews under my alter ego Ryukouki, but I'm away on business until the 28th of February, so yeah, I've been taking some time off. I'll do more to help when I come stateside! [​IMG]
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    thanks for all the criticism guys but i dont plan on making anymore reviews lol
    that one was from about a year or more ago when i was even more of an ignorant kid than i am now
    so yea i was honestly just reposting, not making a new one. it was centered on the site it was before hand

    if possible thread be closed?