Join me in DUST 514

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    DUST 514 is a 100 percent free to play, no pay to win mmofps. Yes mmofps. It's amazing and I'm playing a lot of it. At first glance I haven't really seen anyone talking about it here. It's made by the same people who made eve online and in fact the two economy's and even some gameplay elements are entwined with each other. For instance you can call in your buddy's who play eve online to come to the planet you are having a battle on and provide air support. Crazy in depth unlockables and skill tree system.

    Check it out


    Make an account here and you will get a sweet assault rifle that normally isnt unlockable until much later in the game also you will get a 7 day booster worth like 10 bucks. ONLY IF YOU USE THAT LINK, do you get the bonus gear. I also get recruitment points. Nobody recruited me so I didn't get shit :(
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    Been wanting to check this out but not sure how it plays....Gonna DL and find out i guess

    Ill use ur Link Budd Extra Rifle cant be bad :)