Jig-Con Creation Basic Tutorial (Easy-Medium)

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    This Tutorial will be a basic Jig-Con. It can be simplified to fit inside the actual joycon entirely. The basic use is to protect the actual Switch Rail from damage caused by a traditional Jig. Its fairly simple to do and easy for the most part. You just need basic soldering skills to preform.

    This will be a basic run down of how to create a Jig Con and what is needed.

    Items needed:
    1. Replacement Joy-Con rail and Shell.
    2. USB Cable or any thin wires
    3. Solder
    4. Soldering Iron
    5. Kapton Tape (Optional)
    6. Soldering Skills

    Step 1 Locate the Joy-con rail connections.
    IMG_2174 - Copy.
    Step 2 Pin lead outs are as follows. connect wires (from inside usb cable) to the pins on the back of the ribbon cable. the orientation is top left pin and bottom right pin from this perspective. (Pin 1 and 10 are being used to short).
    IMG_2175 - Copy. IMG_2176 - Copy.
    Step 3 solder wires to pins (protect other connections by using Kapton tape Optional).
    IMG_2177 - Copy.
    Step 4 Move wires out of way.
    IMG_2178 - Copy.
    Step 5 assemble.
    IMG_2179 - Copy.
    Now again this can be fit inside an actual working joycon. I would add a button to the bottom that could be pressed when wanting to short it out and use it as a jig

    Jig-Con Being used. Video below.
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    and why would you do that and not just short the wire on your own, working joycon? Seems kinda pointless to me
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    This can fit inside a working one this is a concept creation. Plus it gives use to damaged joy cons as well you can add a button to the bottom for use in working joy cons. Basically on the fly jig you don’t have to remove over and over plus protecting original rails
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    I was just going to use the replacement rail and solder the pins short. The pins designed to be inserted in the switch would be less stressful for the switches pins, which appear to be dainty and fragile.
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    Muito obrigado, eu já tenho meu projeto em andamento, vou tentar colocar um tópico aqui no GBA para compartilhar meu projeto com todos, para que eles possam melhorar suas idéias também.
    Prometendo para quem não tinha ideia.
    Parabéns pela iniciativa.

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    That cord you used is about 10 times the size you need, could have done the job with a little 1 inch jumper wire, or for fusee gelee just put a blob of solder between 9 and 10.
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