1. coon-strudel

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    Apr 21, 2015
    United States
    So I'm trying to get Jojo Eyes of Heaven to work on my HAN Super Slim. I got Sonic Unleashed working last night.
    I got that from an already compiled pkg file online that I just had to sigpatch and stuff.
    Whenever I'm trying to use the CFW to OFW helper, the game goes down from 5GB to less that 600MB.
    Why is that? Unleashed kept it's 7GB from whatever the person that converted it did.
    Why does my precious Jojo keep getting cut down?
    I even try installing like that and the icon and everything is there but I get an error when pressing on it. ( 80029530 )
    I even looked it up, and it's a compatible game.
    Halp pleeeeeease! Thanks in advance. ^^

    (I FTP'd the game as well, that's how I got Sonic working but Jojo still has the same problem)
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