Japanese Wiiware game do not work on Wii


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May 6, 2023
Czech Republic
Hello All,

I am facing a problem to load a game called Simple Series - The Judo, just released as WIIware Japan. So far, to run this game I first installed the ios 55 in the slot 55 and the same ios in the slot 251 (Same IOS in different slots, just to make sure).

After, I performed the installation of the game via emunand install on USB Loader GX . Next, I went to the game configurations and set up to use the ios 251. (I did not change the video format once my Wii is 4.3U (Usa) and the software just have the option of NTSC, without make any differentiation between Japan and USA)

Thus, when I press start the game a black screen appears, the control disconnect and the wii reboot (sometimes be stuck in the black screen). To ensure that the ios 55 was properly installed, I did the same configuration on Wii sports resort (that also require this ios) and worked perfectly.

Also, to see if there was no restriction of region, I downloaded a japanese game, this one in wbfs format and run like a charm.

To finish, I tested the rom on Dolphin and the game worked. (More, I updated all the ios using the app Pimp my Wii)

Conclusion: it is not region block, not ios, not video format and not the rom. Somebody have some idea what is going on here? (I also used the syscheck and everything seems ok). Now, I am trying to find some diagnostic game tool, but I still did not find any (Discover what is the issue without better logs is quite complicated).

Somebody can help me please?

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