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    I didn't know about the art section.

    I make theatrical, ambient/rock music, I guess in order;
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/anothone **
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/test2 **
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/krabbyland ***
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/dt-1 **
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/strange-thing **
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/dt2 **
    https://soundcloud.com/jamie-yello/bens-theme ***

    I put little *s next to the ones I think are the best, overall I actually think they're all pretty high quality. I had a story that went along with all of it too.

    I need a better tag than jamieyello for my music, I'm just gonna keep making music on sound cloud until I'm big. I'm going to make it heavier and more intense from now on I think. Or maybe I'll just use it anyway and incorporate that into my album art. I drew/made all of the album art too, except the profile picture that shows up on some of them.