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    Dec 12, 2010
    [ iSpartan Ds ]
    [ Introduction ]
    Hey Guys I'm iSpartan, Back To Update This Thread About iSpartan. I've Decided To Program iSpartan Ds In C++. I'm Currently Learning C++ From Tutorials On The Web. I Hope That I Can Learn This Programing Language So I Can Create A My Game iSpartan Which Is Based On The Xbox Game ''Halo''.

    [ Story Of The Game ]
    Might Be Based On Halo CE Or Halo 2 Or Halo 3 Or Halo Reach's Story Or I Might Make It My Own Depending On Which Is Easier For Me To Do Or Might Let You Guys Pick In A Vote.

    [ Features For The Game ]
    I Can Not Promise That All These Features Will Be In The Game, It Just Depends On How Good I Get With C++.
    * Wireless Multiplayer / Wifi.
    * A Story
    * More Than One Gun.
    I Will Try My Best And Hardest To Do These Features In The Game.

    [ iSpartan Logo ]
    I'm Uploading It Soon.

    [ Screenshots & Videos ]
    None Yet.

    [ Development Team ]
    iSpartan: Everything At The Moment.

    For All The People How Would Like To Surport The Game I Have A R4i SDHC Skin For iSpartan Just Message Me And I'll Send It To You.
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    Jun 16, 2010
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    Most of the questions can be answerd, according to your knoweledge about C or C++. Since you don't know how to use both, this project is an instant fail. UNLESS you learn to use the programming language. It is harder then you think, since its not Game Maker. There are some sites like, that will help you learn the basics. Another good place is

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    Jun 11, 2010
    I know pretty much the same as you.

    But I will be glad to help you when ever you need me.

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    Jul 16, 2008

    After you finish that, then check out your options for programming on the DS. Unless you actually know how to program, you will not get anywhere. One thing to remember: You will not be able to program a game in the first hour of learning. Or the second. Or the third. So don't make your expectations high.