Question Isntalled xc2 dlc nsps but besisdes the items, the dlc quests dont appear in game

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  1. Yaylmao

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    Jun 12, 2018
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    i have a legit copy of xc2. I installed the dlc updates and am on the latest ver. I was able to obtain the items but none of the quests are properly loading in the game. And yes, I have redeemed them. Any ideas?

    Also, when i tried launching it this morning, at first it said it couldnt load my save because my dlc content is missing. To fix this I went into software update and was able to download it from Nintendo vwithout previously purchasing the dlc. My switch is banned if that matters.
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  2. ichibaka

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    Jul 4, 2018
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    What cfw are you using? Do you have sigpatch enabled?

    From my experience with this game specifically, what nsp you used matters. Some DLC nsp out there have incorrect file size, sometimes what I downloaded personally from CDNSP also have incorrect size, meaning they are corrupted. If you install those you'll have to delete them with devmenu or delete and reinstall everything, your save is not deleted though.