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    Nov 3, 2008
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    so i know the wii shuts down wii functionality when a gamecube game is inserted has anybody tried to alter this the classic controller has more than enough buttons to replace the gamecube remote it feels like oh ya its the next generation but yu still need to hunt down discontinued wireless technology from the last generation just to play your games comfortably i just felt ripped when i got home and realised that without getting owned and buying virtual console games its pointless. i mean thats like including a super controller port on the 64 and saying oh find one at a yard sale you needit to play some of your bought games. It just seems shady nintendo it just seems shady

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    Aug 7, 2008
    OK, first things first: period key. That was me using it right there. It makes it much more enjoyable to read the boards when everybody agrees to use it occasionally.

    Secondly, nobody has and most likely nobody will figure out a way to run GameCube games in Wii mode, mainly because it kind of wouldn't work. However, I believe there are third-party Classic Controller workalikes which simply plug into the GCN ports; one of those is probably your only option.