Is this a good router?

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    Oct 26, 2007
    Our wireless router is horrible and both my mom and I are sick of it. It doesn't really cause me any problems, but it does for me mom. About once per hour, she will randomly lose the connection and can only get it back if I unplug/plug in the router again. This gets really annoying for both me and her, so we're looking for a new one. Also, the router can't really handle having 2 people downloading stuff/using the internet at the same time, so whenever my mom is downloading something (which is all the time) it slows my browsing speed/downloading speed by a considerable amount.

    I thought the reason for the router doing that is because shes too far from it, but that's not the case. The router will pull the same crap even if shes in her room, which is literally right next to mine.

    Since my mom is obsessed with Apple products, she wants to get this:


    She says it costs like 100 bucks but she saw it for 60 or something like that. I doubt it, but who knows. Anyone know if its any good? Can someone recommend a good router that's around 50 bucks? I have a PC and my mom has a Mac... my connection is wired and she uses wireless.
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    I don't have much experience in routers, but I can recommend the one I got a month ago. A WRT54GL running Tomato. No problems for me so far, but I don't mess around with wireless alot.
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