1. Alphypo07

    OP Alphypo07 Member

    Apr 20, 2009
    United States
    i'm having two problems using the program with my Win98SE laptop (although it works perfectly fine with my WinXP desktop).

    1) i can't seem to send any rom files to my card. i open the file but everytime i try to send, i always get an error message saying that it cannot find the file (e.g. "E:\\Super Mario Advance (UE).gba cannot be found").

    2) whenever i right-click on a file (to rename or delete or whatever), the message box doesn't show up. in fact, for some odd reason, doing this glitches up all the icons on my desktop.

    lol anyone know what i'm talking about? do you think i should try using an older version of the EZ4 Client? like i said before, i have no problems using this with my WinXP desktop but i want to be able to use it on my Win98SE laptop.
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