Is system transferring from a banned console safe?

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    My console is permabanned from a specific game (error code 102-2814), even though I did not cheat online. I have purchased most games digitally, and would like to system transfer to a new console. I have deleted all NNIDs except for the one that has the purchases and that has never received a ban. I also deleted my save data. I want to know if performing a system transfer to a new console will ban the new one, and if it's safe to use the NNID transferred from the previous console online. Has anyone tried?
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    First of all, this isn't the place to ask that question.

    Second of all, if the one with the purchases don't have the bans, I don't see a reason why it will have bans after a system transfer.
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    Yeah, @MegaSuperab2 is right. But what do you mean you got a ban if you weren't cheating? You must of posted pictures of Miiverse of you using skins or something....