Is it possible tweak system settings with these upcoming exploits?

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    Jan 28, 2016
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    The biggest homebrew tweak I would be looking forward would be the ability to turn the gamepad off, instead of running it till the battery dies.

    Can anyone knowledgeable tell me if it would be possible to modify system behavior if we achieve IOSU/kernel access?

    Can we change the home button behavior on the gamepad into either of the following.

    1)...function replace
    Click Home Button on gamepad
    WiiU receives the input as normal but executes user homebrew function instead of the original one that pulls up the home menu.
    Other homebrew fuction would just return WiiU sends power off signal to gamepad​

    2)...input ignore
    Hold power button on gamepad
    WiiU recieves power off input but is set to ignore it
    Gamepad powers off after holding the button long enough
    3)...gamepad firmware hacking
    I know this is probably impossible because gamepad is most likely not going to achieve modders looking to attack it, but if we could sign gamepad firmware with a modded wiiU and push it to the pad, who knows.

    Press TV control button on gamepad
    This would pull up wiiU independent screen from inside the gamepad firmware
    Add extra control button to this screen to perform a power off <<<<NINTENDO SHOULD OF DEFIANTLY DONE THIS (PLEASE DO THIS IF UR SPIES ARE READING THIS FORUM TO PATCH EXPLOITS!)
    Minor tweak: force browser to permanently stay in the iPad user agent instead of resetting on quit.

    Or is what I'm wishing for still a dead end because the system files are already compiled and not possbile to modify. :(
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