Is it IOS ? Drivekey ? Sysmenu ? Help Drivekey v2 and Sys 4.1U

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    Hi, I have a Wii with 4.1 Sys Menu and Drivekey v2. This is a normal unit except for the drivekey. All games seem to work fine until the recent new ones like Batman - The Brave..., Lego Harry Potter and New Carnival Games.

    It does not seem to be an issue with PAL or NTSC as I get an Disk error #002 "Please ejet and power off" after selecting the game in the Wii Channel and selecting Start.

    Is this a Drive key issue or a IOS or something that need to be loaded. I am a noobie so please help me out. Thanks !!!!

    Please help me out!
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    you could be simply missing an IOS, if not, then try GeckOS to bypasss the error002...!!