Is a Multi-Launcher Possible?

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    I would be interested in something like this both for the MSET exploit and the Spider one.

    I don't mean a homebrew menu a la NinjHax, I mean an actual root-level loader.

    What I mean is: Gateway's launcher (both MSET and Spider) specifically looks for and loads launcher.dat, rxTools specifically looks for and launches rxTools.dat, and there are others like code.bin and Project Pokémon's LoadCode.

    And with MSET, you can only install one at a time. I have a reason to use both rxTools and Gateway on the same 3DS (Gateway for ROMs, rxTools for decrypting and injecting data)

    With my console currently on 9.2, I have the browser set to load automatically (by pressing Home before it fully loads/crashes and therefore tries to resume every time I tap the browser), but to use Gateway I have to either scan the QR code or hit the URL button quickly enough and type it in.

    If it were possible to make a customizable multi-launcher, that would be really nice. I can volunteer to host it, as well. I mean customizable in that you can tell it which files to load and what to display them as, maybe via a CSV file. Let's say, menu.dat and menulist.csv being the two files used, stored on the root of the SD card?