iPod Touch (2nd generation) 8gb suddenly not turning on?

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by ComeTurismO, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. ComeTurismO

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    Sep 18, 2011
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    Hey guys, today I was going to far places over here to look for stuff for Eid, and my sister's wedding.. and I brought my iPod with me. I was playing a few games on it, and then when I got out of my car, I turned my iPod into sleep mode (Button on top left). When i came back inside the car going to another place, I turned my iPod back on, but NO! It didn't respond. I had it fully charged and all, but it wasn't responding.
    When I came home (1.5 hour ago) i put it to charge using my wall charger but there was no response.
    Whats the problem and how do I fix this?
    I have it jailbroken, but i don't have any Cydia Apps atm.

    Please help. And Thanks!
  2. Tom

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    I've had similar problems before, what happens when you plug itno a itunes computer
  3. Wombo Combo

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    To put the iPhone / iPod Touch into recovery mode:
    - Turn it off (hold the power button on the top down for a few seconds then slide the red slider across from left to right).
    - Press and hold the home button (the button on the front, under the screen)
    - While still holding the home button, plug it in to the computer
    The screen should show something like this:
  4. Izen

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    It's possible your iPod somehow ended up in DFU mode. In DFU mode, the device is turned on, yet nothing appears on the screen and it is not lit up, however, when you plug your device into iTunes, you'll be informed that it's in Recovery Mode and it needs to be restored (which is actually a total untruth).

    You should be able to exit out of DFU mode by performing a hard reboot. It's as simple as holding down the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. After the first 5-7 seconds, your device will turn off (similar to pulling the plug from a computer), then after holding the buttons down a little while longer, it should boot back up, displaying the Apple logo.

    If this doesn't work, my next best guess would be a hardware malfunction, but before you decide that's the case, you should look into other recovery methods. (iTunes should, theoretically, be able to solve all software-related issues, jailbroken or otherwise, but no software is perfect)
  5. Cyan

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    it looks like my issue (ipod5.5).
    I can't power it on anymore, while the battery is fully charged.
    USB can't power it, but the wall charger is working. (that's the different with you).

    Is it in sleep mode, or hard powered off? (maybe you can't know if it doesn't boot at all)
    Did you try hard reset like Izen explained? if it's in sleep mode, it should work.
    Did you left it in the car (to excessive heat, 40+ C°), or bring it with you?
    Did you try plugging it into USB?

    I have almost the same problem, my ipod is not booting anymore (no Apple logo when pushing buttons).
    I always switch it OFF completely (there's no sleep mode with rockbox, the song is just paused and then it switch off automatically).

    I left my Ipod to direct sunlight :(
    I asked Rockbox's forum and it seems Excessive heat break the batteries.
    So, I ordered a new one, and I'm waiting to receive it to replace it and see if it's effectively the battery (which, when booting with the wall charger, is correctly detected and showing 100% charge).

    I hope it's just a software problem for you.
    If even the wall charger doesn't work, it could be hardware :(
  6. ComeTurismO

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    Sep 18, 2011
    4:54 PM
    Thanks a lot for the help, unfortunately I have to check this out later, tomorrow is the big day; gotta prepare! My car was completely cold for a hot day outside. I suggest you, Cyan, go to the iFans forums, they are really helpful. I think Izen's method would work, so ill check it out.