Iphone 4 Restore issues

Discussion in 'iPhone, iPod & iPad' started by BrunoAlvesMontei, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. BrunoAlvesMontei

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    Nov 3, 2011
    Hey everybody can anybody help me with this trouble described?

    The iphone does not turn on, even if i hard reset it, on a PC the Iphone enters Recovery mode, if i try to get out of recovery mode the iphone enters in a loop in the apple logo screen, the logo shows up for about 30 seconds and it fades away for 2 seconds and shows up again, this cicle goes on and on.

    If i try to update using the original apple update 5.0.1 i get error 21.
    If i try to update using the in DFU mode, the Itunes force it a reboot and the Iphone gets back to restore mode and error 21 again.

    If i try to update in PWN DFU mode from sn0wbreeze and iREB the Itunes force a reboot on it and i get error 16XX.
    With Tiny umbrella running i get errors 3194, 2005 and sometimes 11.
    If i erase any entry in hosts file, tiny umbrella running or not, in PWN DFU mode, the itunes force a reboot on it and the Iphone gets back in the apple logo loop and Itunes keeps in the message " Preparing Iphone for recover" after some minutes the Itunes gives me error 16XX and the Iphone continues in the loop.
    I don't have the SHSH files neither does the last owner.

    The last owner does not know wich tutorial his friend followed trying to unlock the iphone, but he will try to contact him, but it will take some time because he's not in the country.
    Does anybody know if there's some way to get past these errors?

    Sorry about my english, not my native language.
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    okay seems like a really bad case of the loops haha.. well lets see you might need to download IOS 5.0.1 from here http://www.felixbrun.../iPod/firmware/
    plug your iPhone in and hold the home and power bla bla but hold it until itunes says it found a device in recovery mode.
    [​IMG] then hold shift and click restore then select the 5.0.1 u downloaded

    Edit: if you didn't want to update or restore completely i dont know of any other way and trust me i know of restoring boot loops respiring loops safe mode loops etc LOL
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    Doesn't iREB have a "Kick out of recovery" button? I see you tried to update using it but did you hit the "kick device out of recovery"?