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Discussion in 'Computer Games and General Discussion' started by Mister Mister, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Jul 28, 2008
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    So, My internet has been lagging for the past three days. It makes watching videos almost impossible and whenever I run my cursor anywhere on any video it lags =\. My desktop and my sister's laptop haven't expirienced any slow downs. I've scanned my computer with AVG, Deleted some programs, no viruses, nothing seems to work. My router doesn't have a password since I was to lazy to make one when I first got it. This is the only time this has happened at all on my laptop. Any clue as of whats going on? =U
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    You have a wireless router with no password? That probably means your neighbors are leeching off your internet. Set-up a password immediately, if you don't know how just search it up. You won't find how to in the manual that came with your router.
  3. Ferrariman

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    Yes, and maybe try running CCleaner or clearing cookies and crap like that, it might work faster.
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    Either your ISP is really sucking, your wireless signal is terrible, or your bandwidth is being stolen.

    "Spy's sappin mah bandwidth!"
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    I would run some kinda packet monitoring software on your network to see if the traffics being stolen .. the other way is disconnect your net connection at your pc end by going into network connections and right click disable on your connection

    ..if you have lights on your wireless router that usually blink a lot when your on the net .. see if they still blink at a huge rate or blink at all or are static (look at the ones marked (LAN/WLAN) If someones using your net illegally then you will see the traffic blinking the lights [​IMG]

    you really need to find your manual and set the encryption on it and put an access name or password on it .. also change the default login name and password to something else as nearly all routers are set to ADMIN/ADMIN for both user NAME and PASSWORD that way once you change the access password etc they cannot be overridden [​IMG]

    remember to apply and save all settings back to the router/Access Point once done [​IMG]

    if its not being stolen then rescan your pc with SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY and other tools such as ADAWARE and SPYWARE TERMINATOR 2 and a little batch file called SMIT REMOVE making sure once you have gotten rid of everything to disable your system restore on all drives and then re-enable it to avoid VIRII being stuck and revived if you need a system restore [​IMG]

    if these steps dont help then your ISP is prolly to blame or you have several other users in your area all on the net at the same time increasing the contention ratio (number of users connected to the same modem at their end) all dragging the bandwidth down with excessive use ... other than this they could be simply PACKET SHAPING or slowing your bandwidth to give others users a fair bit each of bandwidth [​IMG]
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    I have had this same problem with vista, Turned out it was my avg scanning or checking every download or temporary file.
    I think only avg internet security does that.

    Anyways just uninstall avg and look for clamwin or another freeware virus scanner it worked for me [​IMG]
    Took me awhile to notice it until I checked my task manger. Now I love Vista even more [​IMG]

    Hope this helps.