Install tickets without games?

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  1. KingpinSlim

    KingpinSlim Newbie

    I recently switched from Rednand to Sysnand and now about 350gb of my installed games no longer work.
    I would rather like to avoid complete re-installation. Is there a way to install just the tickets?
  2. nexusmtz

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    Tickets are stored under /storage_slc/rights/ticket/apps. That's what tik2sd backs up. If you run tik2sd on rednand, rename sd:/tik2sd to sd:/tik2sd_rednand, then run it again under sysnand, you'll have both sets of tickets.

    From there, you'd have to do a binary append of each of the rednand's tik files to the sysnand's file of the same name, copy any rednand tik file which doesn't have a corresponding sysnand file, then ftp the updated directory into /storage_slc/rights/ticket/apps on sysnand using ftpiiu_everywhere.

    That would give you the tickets you need. Unfortunately, our recent experience with trying to install a title under /usr/title/00050000/xxxxxxx on FAT32 by copying the files and ticket manually suggests that there's something else that is needed in addition to the ticket, but you've at least got to the point of seeing the title instead of just "???" on the menu, so you're doing better than most.

    At this point, I hope you're saying to yourself that there's no way in hell that you'd try this, and I certainly wouldn't recommend it, but I wanted you to know what would be involved so that reinstallation will seem like the lesser evil.

    If you do decide to do it, REMOVE CBHC (if you have it), test with a couple titles first by looking up their title IDs in sd:/tik2sd_rednand/keys.txt, and appending and ftping only those couple files. If those titles work, you can do the rest.
  3. samth3mancgp

    samth3mancgp Newbie

    Sep 28, 2016
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    Hi! So I am trying to manage installing a bunch of games to USB using RedNAND. To make it faster to copy and install my games, I have backed up my RedNAND to my PC and put copies of the RedNAND on two separate SD cards. The problem I am running into now is that each RedNAND on each SD card is completely separate and if I install a game from one of them it will not load up on the other. I understand that this is because the tickets are stored on the NAND for each game and if the game was not installed on that particular NAND then that game will not run.

    After reading your post, it seems to me that it would be possible to back up the "SLC" file from RedNAND using sdio NAND Extractor, and copy that from one SD card to the other each time I install a set of games. Then the tickets would be the same between RedNAND on both SD cards.. right? Or maybe this will just mess things up and the RedNAND will no longer work?

    I could just keep it simple and use a single SD card with RedNAND to install my games to USB, but being able to install games while copying from PC to SD on the other SD card definitely speeds things up!

    EDIT: So I dumped another SLC.img from one SD card and injected it to the other.. the one that had the files injected does still load up RedNAND (and all of my icons in the home menu are in the same spot!) and everything still appears to work fine.. the only think that has changed is the icon for the Homebrew launcher that was on the system menu dissapeared from the SD card that had the newer SLC.img injected.

    I have also just discovered the app tik2sd which appears to backup only the tickets to the SD card! I am not sure how to take those files and install them back onto another NAND though since Wup Installer seems to only install full games and not the tickets on their own.

    So far, dumping the SLC.img to my PC from one SD card and injecting it into the other is letting me carry the tickets for all of my installed games between two different RedNANDs! And also saving me a TON of time by being able to multi-task with copying/installing games. Neat!
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  4. nexusmtz

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    I don't understand what this is doing for you, unless you're doing something like this:
    • Fill CardA
    • Boot CardA in the WiiU, install games.
    • Fill CardB while those installs are running
    • When the installs finish, move CardA to PC
    • Extract image from CardA, write to CardB
    • Boot CardB, install games
    • Fill CardA while those installs are running...
    So all that swapping and redNAND copying will get the job done, but it seems like a lot of work. Is there a particular reason you're running redNAND in the first place? You don't need it just to run games and DLC.
    Yes, tik2sd backs up your tickets. My post above yours describes how you'd have to combine the tickets from two sources (two redNANDs in your case.) But combining tickets appears to be only part of the process. By taking the whole redNAND, you're not combining anything.
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