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    Eric I had a modded 4.1u wii that I updated to 4.2u with your update package. Once I did that I lost my home brew channel which I think is what should happen. I then loaded your 4.2 Mod package and ran bannerbomb and it gave me the initial screen that when you hit load takes you to the Hackmii installer to install Bootmii and HBC instead I get a screen that says thanks lethal,cwstjdenobs and most importantly waninkoko it wants me to select ios vesion to use and ios70 is what initially comes up. it allows me to change the ios by chosing left or right and a to continue and home to exit.

    I want to:
    Installing a Trucha'd IOS into slot 236.
    Run 1. IOS236 Installer v5 MOD
    It should say "IOS236 installation is complete!" and return to The Homebrew Channel.

    Installing cIOS & Patching the System Menu IOS (The good stuff!)
    Run 2. YAWM Multimod Batch
    It should automatically start installing the neccesary wads you need.
    Make sure it says "0 failed" at the end, and after a few seconds it will return you to The Homebrew Channel.
    Continue on to Priiloader if desired (recommended).

    optional brick protection; recommended to block disc/online updates.
    Run 3. Priiloader 236
    Once Priiloader launches, press + to install priiloader.
    You may get an error for "loader.ini" and/or "password.txt" simply ignore these.
    Restart your Wii while holding reset.
    Enable desired hacks and save.
    Hack Suggestions: Auto press A at health screen, Block disc updates, Block online updates, Remove NoCopy save file protection, Recovery mode press d-pad..., Region free everything.
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    First off, posting a reply in the sticky is best instead of starting a new topic... But since we are here.. It sounds like you didn't format your sd card prior to copying over the 42mod pack. Try formatting, and then running bannerbomb WILL be the hackmii installer...

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    Thanks Eric it worked great

    take care