In Windows, how do i replace multiple files with one file?

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  1. sodaddict

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    Mar 18, 2016
    I'm editing a game's texture files and i want a bunch of the textures to be the same as 1 texture, although renaming one texture to all of the textures will take way too long.
    I once heard of a method where you can replace multiple files with one specific file, does it indeed exist and how do i do it?
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    Personally I would make a batch file, I don't know of any way you would be able to do it with the plain windows GUI.
    If you need a list of file names to start with go to the command line and point it at the folder in question and run dir /b

    After that I would use a spreadsheet to make the batch file
    Copy /y yourfileyouwant.file filetobereplaced1.file
    Copy /y yourfileyouwant.file filetobereplaced2.file
    Copy /y yourfileyouwant.file filetobereplacedn.file

    Option 2.
    In your game will be some files and a nice file system for you to do all this. Replace one texture and find the pointer and size thing for it. Copy that and paste that pointer and size value over everything else (hopefully it is not relative or offset or something silly).
  3. sodaddict

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    Mar 18, 2016
    I tried out the Windows Command Prompt method and it worked like a charm!
    Thanks a bunch!
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    I made an app a few years back that supports drag & drop with multi-file replacement (PSP days) to make things a lot easier.

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