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    So, this summer I'm gonna import myself a Japanese 3DS LL. I've got a few questions.
    1) I have no experience with a 3DS but how does the eShop work?
    I'm assuming I'll just have to buy some cards for the eShop, or is their a way to use a creditcard? (that might just be more trouble since I'm in the US, but just wondering)

    2) Apparently the LL doesn't come with a charger, and from what I read that chargers work universally for 3ds consoles, and that the DSi charger should work as well?
    Just want clarification on that.

    I think that's about it, just wanted some quick clarifications.
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    You can just add money through the 3DS with a credit card. It would be the botton on the bottom of the Add funds icon in the eShop.

    The 3DS AC charger is exactly the same as the DSi AC charger.