Im having issues with wii backup manager

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  1. Joexv

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    Mar 4, 2013
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    As the title states Im having issues with a single game with wii backup manager. I am using a 128gb fat32 usb drive witht eh cluster size at 32kb. Ive been able to put game son it just fine up until now. I tried putting rune actory frontier on it but it will either delete the wbfs file after i remove the usb from my computer or it will claim its an invalid game. In usbloader gx it finds the game but it shows a black screen in the channel selection and when loaded it reboots the wii. Ive also tried just copy/paste the wbfs file to the usb but that didnt work either. Ive also downloaded it from 2 other online sources(to find out if my backup was just corrupt or such) and they both do the exact same thing.
    Any help would be aprreciated!
    And sorry if this is in the wrong area!
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    Do you have an original copy it may help your cause.
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    Have you tried a different usb loader?