If Resident Evil 4 failed

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    I had this thought on the bus. Since Resident Evil 4 was so successful, 5 and 6 tried to do the same thing, but better. Of course, they didn't do as well, with 6 being regarded as one of, if not the worst in the series. But here's my thought: If Resident Evil 4 failed, and Capcom decided Resident Evil 4 style games didn't work, what would Resident Evil 5 and 6 be like? Would we have the same Resident Evil 7?

    In my opinion, I think Resident Evil 5 would go back to Resident Evil 1-3 type gameplay. Since 4 made Leon age, I think they would make a new protagonist for each game and throw in returning characters for cameo appearances. I think this same strategy would be used in 6 as well, but people would find the series to be just a rehash of the previous games and lose interest. Then when 7 comes out, they shake things up again and we get the same Resident Evil 7 as we have in the real world. 7 seems to be doing quite well, I know I enjoyed it, so I think Resident Evil 8 will be in the same style as Resident Evil 7. I'd like to know your opinions though. If Resident Evil 4 failed, what would happen to the Resident Evil series as we know it?
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    if RE4 failed, the games wouldnt have tried to be an action movie and make a mess of the already ridiculous plot it had.
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    Resident evil survivor probably holds the title as the worst over re6. If re4 failed then they would simply go back to the old format maybe takes things that worked and was praised in re4 and integrate it into the old play style.
    Capcom with re7 took advantage of the now cancelled silent hills, they saw how excited people were by it and how disappointed they when it got cancelled. Coming off the the flop re6 it was the perfect opportunity to shake things up and get people excited about the resident evil series again, and they succeeded in that point. Even going a step further and integrate VR into it.
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    I hope one day RE7 goes down in price drastically so I get it. The demo was great.
    Yeah I'm stingy.
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    dunno, i like resident evil 5 and 6, don't like 4. If 7 was like 5 or 6, i can live with that, oh well.

    If 4 had failed, maybe Mega man legends would be up to 4 by now with a 5 on the way Lol :P

    So that is a thought, either that or dead rising wouldn't be system exclusive. Is not a big deal to me, this seem like the same excuse of resident evil that was with the second toejam & earl game. Or final fantasy, "the sequal doesn't play like the last game, or is not better." Is very hard to impress a lot of people. Even with doing the same thing over and over, look how call of duty plays, the same multiplayer, different maps, weapons, gear and such. Is not easy to please a majority of people, and devs want more money, they want to get as much as possible, including people who don't even have interest in the game. They aren't after just keeping people who are already was supporting them from day one. This is why decisions to do different things come around, and is made by boss, not by devs.
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    just "acquire" the pc version
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    Capcom would have made a resident evil fighting game......street evil knowing capcom.